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Common Audi Problems and Costs of Audi Repairs

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Various models of Audi are quite popular in Melbourne because this car is affordable and sits nicely between the high end models like Mercedes and BMW and the Volkswagen at the bottom in terms of driving pleasure and comfort. Still, despite its reputation for quality, Audi does have problems in its cars and repairs can be expensive. Even then, it pays to get your Audi repaired only by a specialist in Audi Repairs Melbourne based.

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Loose fuel cap
Surprising that a well engineered car like Audi should have this issue but it exists. Fuel caps sit loose and can result in engine light switching on. You will have to make sure that the fuel cap is fully tightened each time you fill the tank with petrol. Ignore it and your mileage drops.

Catalytic converter
Exhaust gases are blowing through the converter when you drive so it is natural that there should be clogging. If there are more solid particles in the exhaust and smoke due to engine problem then this issue occurs earlier than you expect. Make sure to get a recommended OEM replacement, not an after-market cheap unit. This work could set you back by about $ 700 or so if you go to the authorised Audi repairs Melbourne specialist. If the oxygen sensor develops a fault as it will over time then you can replace it at a cost of about $ 200 or so.

Ignition coil
If your engine starts to misfire the culprit in majority of cases is the ignition coil. This is a known issue in Audi cars regardless of the model. This is a critical component so do not skimp on buying an original replacement part from authorised Audi services Melbourne located. At the most it may cost you $ 100 or so.

Spark plugs
Spark plug faults can cause engine misfire and missing which leads to reduced power output and uneven performance. It is a simple enough thing to change spark plugs by yourself. You only have to make sure that you remove and install each spark plug one after the other. At the most you could pay $100 for a set of four plugs.

Oil leaks
This is one problem Audi owners can do without but it happens. Oil can leak around the camshaft tensioner and the valve cover gasket. The result is faster oil depletion that could have an adverse impact on the entire engine. Keep checking under the hood and if you notice oil leaks get the gasket and camshaft tensioner replaced by the authorised Audi repairs Melbourne centre. It could cost you $ 500 plus labour.

Even the excellent Audi is not immune to failure of electrical parts such as indicating lamps, switches and displays. Your cost will depend on which part needs to be replaced.

Whatever you do, make sure to use only genuine Audi OEM parts and get work done only by authorised Audi repairs Melbourne centre such as Europei Motori.

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